Saturday 7 March 2020

JAMB 2020: What Candidates Should Keep In Mind Before The Exam

JAMB 2020: What Candidates Should Keep In Mind Before The Exam

The 2020 JAMB examination will hold approximately one week from now. Thus far, we have provided you with almost all the resources for you to prepare adequately for the exam. While you are preparing earnestly for the exam, there are few things we think you also need to keep in mind as the exam date approaches.

JAMB CBT Question Format

JAMB 2020: What Candidates Should Keep In Mind Before The Exam
You will be given two hours to answer 180 questions; 60 for English, and 40 for each of the other subjects. Speed, and accuracy matter a lot. If you have been using the JAMB CBT Mobile App (for android mobile phones) and JAMB CBT Software (for Desktops and Laptops), the examination should be simple enough.

Important Keys to Remember

If you are using the keyboard, here are the most important keys;

N – To move to the next question
P – To go back to the previous question
A – To select option A on a question
B – To select option B on a question
C – To select option C on a question
D – To select option D on a question
S – To submit your exam (Be Careful)
R – To Cancel Submit (and RETURN)

The above will be stated before you start the exam, so you should read the instructions properly before starting.

However, you should note that there are actions you cannot perform using the keyboard. In this case, you must use your Mouse (or track-pad).These are; 

If you need to switch from one subject to another. That is if you want to answer a particular subject before going to another.
If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right corner of your screen.
The on-screen calculator will be available on the screen for candidates who will be taking subjects that involve calculations.

Forget about “JAMB Runs”
If you start now to nurse the idea of getting help from somewhere else outside your brain, you may end up with stories that touch.
There are many “JAMB Messiahs” (That’s what they claim) everywhere trying to take advantage of gullible candidates. I know they will eventually convince many lazy students. But let it not be you. Their offer may seem juicy but then so is every short cut to success. It will only leave you with tales of woes at the end of the day. With the current mode of examination and some other changes JAMB has made, the possibility of succeeding with EXPO has been drastically reduced. So get that option off your mind and take the surest pathway to success which remains hard work, discipline and determination.
Randomized Questions
It is also important that candidates note that the questions generated for candidates are jumbled in such a way that they appear differently for each candidate.
For instance, your number 1 question may likely be different from that of your neighbour. That simply means if you choose "A" as your answer just because your neighbour says the answer is "A", you may have only succeeded in shooting your self in the foot as two of you may be answering different questions.

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