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The Secretary of the examination committee has released the draft Time-Table  as of   the directive of the Chairman, Examination and Time-Table Committee (ETTC), Prof. S.O. Adewoye, so it is also to inform all stakeholders that the 2021/2022 HARMATTAN SEMESTER LECTURE TIME-TABLE for 200 - 500 LEVELS is on FACULTY-BASIS.

The Time-Table have been structured in such a way that each Faculty has designated venues for their Lectures.

Please find attached DRAFT HARMATTAN SEMESTER LECTURE TIME-TABLE for 2021/2022 for Faculties of:


(1) Pure & Applied Sciences (FPAS).

(2) Agricultural Sciences (FAS)

(3) Engineering & Technology (FET).

(4) Environmental Sciences (FES)

(5) Nursing Science (FNS)

(6) Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS)

(7) Management Sciences (FMGS)

(8) Computing & Informatics (FCI)

(9) Food & Consumer Sciences (FFCS) and

(10) Clinical Sciences (FCS)
























Contact the underlisted Faculty Representatives for your complaints:

1). Dr. D.B. AMUDA (Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08038257284

     E-mail: dbamuda@lautech.edu.ng

2). Dr. (Mrs.) E.A. Ewetola (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08022386143

     E-mail: eaewetola@lautech.edu.ng

3). Prof. G.K. LATINWO (Faculty of Engineering & Technology)

     Phone Number: 07039418289

     E-mail: gklatinwo@lautech.edu.ng

4). Dr. F.E.A. OLADUGBAGBE (Faculty of Environmental Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08033940682

     E-mail: feaoladugbagbe@lautech.edu.ng

5). Mrs A.O. OLAJIDE (Faculty of Nursing Science)

     Phone Number: 08037287328

     E-mail: aoolajide27@lautech.edu.ng

6). Dr. A. O. Owoade (Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08068013304

     E-mail: jabadmus@lautech.edu.ng

7). Dr. A.J. OYEDOKUN (Faculty of Management Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08032070151

     E-mail: ajoyedokun@lautech.edu.ng

8). Dr. (Mrs.) O.M. ALADE (Faculty of Computing & Informatics)

     Phone Number: 08161778639

     E-mail: oalade75@lautech.edu.ng

9). Dr. (Mrs.) I.F. BOLARINWA (Faculty of Food & Consumer Sciences)

     Phone Number: 09030771688

     E-mail: ifbolarinwa@lautech.edu.ng

10)Prof. A. S. OGUNTOLA (Faculty of Clinical Sciences)

     Phone Number: 09014288802

     E-mail: asoguntola@lautech.edu.ng

*11)Dr. O. K. Wakeel (Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences)

     Phone Number: 08034241692

     E-mail: okwakeel@lautech.edu.ng

Thank you.

Dr. D.B. Amuda

For Technical Sub-committee ETTC

Tuesday 4th January, 2022 

The Management of Ladoke AKintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso wishes to inform the general public and especially candidates whose particulars are indicated in the Document below that their post UTME results can now be accessed on their individual university admission platforms as their O'level results uploaded on JAMB CAPS have been received by the university.




follow this link https://www.nsblog.com.ng/2022/01/lautech-releases-guidelines-to-20212022.html for instructions about login to your apply dashboard
Then follow the instruction as on the screenshot below;

Boom! Your POST-UTME result will pop-up

There are so many business to start with 100k in Nigeria and be successful, but sometimes you may find it difficult to think of such businesses thereby investing your money in the wrong business.

if you are confused about the type of business idea to start with 100,000 naira and be successful, then you are in the right place.
So many businesses in Nigeria started small and then grow to what they are today.
Having 100,000 naira to start a business is not the problem, but your ability to grow and expand the business.
Below are the business ideas you can start with 100,000 naira and be successful.

1. Cooking And Delivery Business

Cooking and delivery is a best business to start with 100k in Nigeria. Everybody likes food but not everybody can cook tasty food.
Moreover, nowadays people find it difficult to cook because of their busy schedules. Some families eat processed food which is not good for their health.
If you have the cooking skill and a passion for cooking, you can easily start this business with less than 100,000 naira.
You do not even need to rent a shop for this business, you can cook in your house and deliver it to customers in their homes and offices. You can also cook and sell at a busy junction. 

Basic Things You Need To Purchase when starting your cooking and delivery business are:
A gas cooker
Plates of different types and sizes
Coolers/stock pots
Spoons and forks of different sizes
It’s not necessary you buy everything at a time, buy what your money can afford, and subsequently when you start making profits buy the remaining ones.

2. Car Wash Business

In this era, the car wash business is one of the most lucrative businesses anybody can start with 100,000 naira.
Nowadays many people do not have the time to wash their cars, some are stressed after the day’s work and some cannot wash their cars well and the only option they have is to take it to the car wash.
Car wash is a business you can start anywhere there are many cars and adequate water supply.
The car washing business thrives at every season—the rainy and dry season—in Nigeria, so you won’t have any drawbacks while operating the business.
Moreover, a good location is essential for starting a car wash business. You need to choose a place that is visible to everybody.
If you cannot rent a place, you can go from house to house to wash cars for people. No doubt car wash is a great business to start with 100k in Nigeria and be successfully. 

Tools You Need To Start Your Car Wash Business
Car wash machine
Water supply
Storage tank
Generator set
Bucket, soap/detergent
Brushes for tyres
Towels, etc.

3. Selling Of Fairly Used Goods Or Clothes

Another business idea you can start with 100,000 naira is selling fairly used goods and clothes.
Most Nigerians buy fairly used items like gadgets, clothes, shoes, household items, etc. You can purchase these items and sell them both online and offline.
Again, with 100,000 naira, you can start selling thrift wear popularly known as okrika. Plenty of people prefer buying Okrika to brand new clothes.
Moreover, the poor economy of the country has made people buy what they can afford and not what they wish to buy. 

Where To Buy Okrika Clothes In Lagos are: Balogun Market, Yaba market, Tejuosho, Aswani market, Oshodi market, Katangua market, Badagry market, etc.

4. Laundry Business

This is a business idea that is very lucrative, yet easy to start. Nowadays, people are so busy that washing clothes are not on their agenda, and this has created job opportunities for people.
A good location is important to your laundry business. It is advisable to consider locations in open places with less competition where people can see you easily.
Your location should be residential areas, estates, or high-income neighborhoods, and a place you can easily access clean water, etc.

Basic Materials For Starting A Laundry Business Buckets
Laundry detergents/soaps
Pressing Iron
Ironing board
Garment conveyor
Nylon and tags
Power generator

5. Palm Oil Business

If you are still not satisfied with the business ideas I’ve mentioned above then you need to consider the palm oil business.
The palm oil business is one of the most profitable businesses anyone can do in this era because of its diverse usefulness.
Almost everybody uses palm oil to cook, you can even decide to be exporting it to other countries which would generate much income.
Moreover, palm oil does not have a steady price, you can buy and store palm oil when it is cheap and sell it when it becomes expensive.

Things To Consider When Starting Your Palm Oil Business 

Below are the top important things you should consider when starting your palm oil business.
  • Choose your palm oil business model
  • Get your storage space and storage tanks.
  • Get your rubbers
  • Arrange with suppliers
  • Decide on transport arrangement
  • Market and sell your palm oil
  • ghhhh

    Fruit Drink Production And Sales

    This is another profitable business to start with 100k in Nigeria, and be successful. A growing number of people prefer freshly squeezed juice without coloring, flavors, and preservatives.

    Moreover, people are becoming increasingly aware of the health implication of processed food and drinks, this has made people shun soft drinks to naturally made fruit drinks making this a great business opportunity.

    To start this business, there are certain things to do and you will also need a very good location that will enhance sales. Location to sell your fruit drinks options are:

    A roadside stand
    Shopping mall
    Fitness centers

    You can sell it wholesale to grocery stores or restaurants. Moreover, to start this business, you need to purchase manufacturing equipment. Basic manufacturing equipment includes:

    Fruit elevator
    Fruit washer
    Fruit crusher
    Pre-heat machine
    Juice extractor, etc.

    7. E-payment/POS Business

    POS (point of sale) business is a cash-making business that has gained serious popularity.

    Some people hate queueing in banks to withdraw money, they prefer using POS that is even closer to them even though they are charged a transaction fee.

    With 100,000 naira, you can become a banking agent and own an E-Payment outlet. You can get your POS from the bank.

    To become an agent, you would need to go to the bank of your choice and do the necessary registration. After the registration, you would be given a POS machine.

    Banks give POS for free but terms and conditions apply. Moreover, banks charge you a certain percentage for every transaction you perform. Learn how to start a POS business in Nigeria.
    Banks To Get The POS Machines

    Below is a list of some of the banks that gives POS machines in Nigeria.

    Zenith Bank,
    First Bank,
    Access Bank,
    Eco bank,
    Skye Bank,
    Diamond bank, etc.

    Each bank has its mode of operation, you just have to go and get details on what is required to get a POS machine.

    7. Popcorn Business

    Popcorn business is one of those businesses that are yet to be fully tapped. Popcorn business is self-sustaining, it can make someone wealthy over time when there is consistency and dedication.

    Popcorn is a snack gotten from the popping of corn from a heated surface.

    Many people love popcorn, therefore you can’t go wrong exploring this business idea.

    The business is not stressful, it does not waste time, you can start with a small amount of money, grow and manage it alone at the comfort of your home.

    To sell your popcorn very well, you need to target supermarkets, schools, canteen, hotels, stores, eateries, markets, etc.

    It is also advisable to position your popcorn machine on a busy road, market, high commercial area, etc for more sales.

    Ingredient Needed For Popcorn

    The following ingredients are what you need to make Popcorn.

    Vegetable oil
    Powdered milk

    Items Needed For Popcorn Business

    Big bowl
    Popcorn machine
    Scooping spoon
    Gas cylinder

    8. Mini Importation Business

    Mini importation business is one of the best profitable business to start with 100k in Nigeria and be successful.

    People are making money importing goods from other countries cheap and selling them expensive here in Nigeria.

    You just need to do your marketing right if you want to excel in the business.

    Before you venture into the mini importation business, you need someone to guide you, and also, you need to start with the products people buy most. You need to do your market survey before ordering any goods.

    You can import from China or any other country depending on what you want to sell. Learn how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria.

    Things You Can Import Are:

    Travel bags
    Electrical appliances
    Portable USB best lamp
    Wireless phone chargers, etc.

    9. Agricultural Business

    Presently, the agricultural business is very profitable in Nigeria as farm products are consumed daily.

    Before you venture into the agricultural business, you need to have basic knowledge of the area you want to explore.

    10. Food Stuff Business

    Food is one of the basic needs of human beings, and so one cannot survive without it. This makes food stuff business one of the best business to start with 100k in Nigeria and be successful.

    Foodstuffs sell very well because of their gross importance in human life. With 100,000 naira, you can start a foodstuff business at any location where people are.

    Furthermore, before starting a foodstuff business, you must know the type of raw foodstuffs you want to sell, then you source for suppliers who are farmers.

    You can sell them both online and offline depending on the provisions you’ve made for transportation.

    Examples of foodstuff to sell are:

    • Rice
    • Beans
    • Corn
    • Garri
    • Potato
    • Cocoyam
    • Crayfish
    • Yam
    • Flours, etc.

    Yes, there are numerous courses and books available out there on data science considering how immensely the world is dependent on data. However, what goes unnoticed is the fact that in addition to subject knowledge, there are quite a few skills that one needs to master in order to become a successful data scientist. With that being said, have a look at the top data science job skills that will be in high demand in 2022. Keep reading!

    1. DataWrangling

    Data science is nothing but making the best of data. This is where data-wrangling comes into play. Transforming data from one form to another is exactly what data wrangling is all about. This is extremely important as data science involves building models, exploring new features to build and perform deep dives, etc.

    2. Statistics

    One cannot deny the fact that data science is all about making the best of raw data. Simply put into words, it is concerned with extracting meaningful insights from unstructured data sets. There cannot be a better way to proceed with data sorting and analysis than by relying on statistics. Statistics helps in determining relationships among the data sets.

    3. DataVisualization

    Data science has a lot to do with analytical insights. How well a data scientist communicates analytical insights is directly proportional to meeting business objectives. Wondering how data visualization helps? Well, a data scientist with good visualisation skills stands the ability to present the data insights in a way that is well understood by everyone.

    4. Building Pipelines

    In data science, there will be instances where it is required to table or view a model or a data science project that does not exist. Thus, a successful data scientist is one who can write robust pipelines for your projects rather than relying on data analysts and/or data engineers. This saves time as well.

    5. Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is something that talks about making well-informed, appropriate decisions based on data and facts. This is something that a data scientist aspirant needs to incorporate. Though this might appear challenging at first, one can surely master it over a period of time.

    6. Programming

    Data science has absolutely no meaning without programming. A successful data scientist is one who is comfortable with programming languages such as R, Python, Java, etc. This is because one can give instructions to the computer only in the form of programming. Thus, mastering this skill can never go wrong.

    7. Problem Solving

    Undoubtedly, a data scientist should be in a position to know how to solve problems. As a matter of fact, data science is associated with tons of problems – problems that need immediate solutions. To arrive at the solution, it is important to know where to start from. Therefore, a data scientist should know how to solve a problem and translate it into a durable and production-ready code.

    8. Model Deployment

    Model deployment, application of a model for prediction using new data, has a lot to do in the field of data science. Such a model helps in understanding the customers/target audience better thereby enabling the organization to work towards achieving those goals.

    9. Communication

    Data science is associated with transforming raw data into a form that is easily understood by everyone around to make better-informed decisions. This throws light on how crucial it is to have strong communication skills in place. With this skill, one can translate technical results to non-technical team members.

    10. Teamwork

    One cannot expect data scientists to work in isolation. A data scientist’s job role requires close interaction with other departments like finance, IT, operations, etc. This is why teamwork plays a pivotal role.

    Credit: Analytics Insight

    The School Management of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso uses this medium to inform the general public that admitted candidates can now proceed to print thier Admission Letters and also make other prescribed payments (such as acceptance fee,matric gown,etc) and registration in lieu of becoming a bonafide student of the Institution;
    Successful Candidates are to follow the following 7 easy steps to complete the registration;


    Let us take note that LAUTECH has created a new application portal for admission so using the old portal (admissions.lautech.edu.ng) wont work out for the 2021/2022 newly admitted students

    The new portal is https://apply.lautech.edu.ng/logon

    Then Enter your Email or your UTME(JAMB) Number and Password

    Then click Login, it will take you to your dashboard as in the screenshot below:

    Then proceed by clicking;


    The first thing to do is to pay a sum of 2,800Naira for admission letter which stands as a notification from school that you have an authentic admission , it will take you to a page as in the screenshot below;


    The next thing is the acceptance fee payment, This is a form of acceptability of your admission from the school.


    Next is to verify the 'O' level you used during the application process to the institution. The institution has to validate your result whether it is fake or genuine. The verification has to do with the type of 'O' level result you have; its either WAEC or NECO or NABTEB.


    After you have accepted the admission by paying for the admission letter and acceptance fee you are now getting closer to becoming a registered student but the school needs to check your health status. So the next thing to do is proceed with the Medical Screening. The Gown fee attached to this is for your Matriculation which will come up in the first semester.


    At the point of verification of result the selling of the LAUTECH student handbook will be on. You will be issued a receipt of payment for this. The receipt should be kept safe because it is part of the documents needed for the submission of student files.


    Now you can pay your tuition fee. The successful payment of your tuition fee will enable you to fill in your biodata details online. And print out some documents. At this stage, most students aren't conscious of the documents to print especially those that make payments outside the school environment. The documents to print out at this stage are; The Tuition fee payment, The Bio-Data Form, and The Local Government Identification Form.


    This can only be done at the school ICT. When the time comes the school will notify the entire student populace.

    screenshots of all the remaining steps of payment are below;
    After the completion of all these steps , you now become a bonafide student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.
    if you are too busy or doesnt want to stress yourself by undergoing making all these payment ; you can have it done with just 500Naira by us at Nsexpress Ventures; by contacting us via whatsApp Nsexpress Digitals
    Best wishes from us at Nsblog

    This is to inform the general public, especially applicants who wrote the just concluded postutme that the Merit and Second batch admission list of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology to various programmes has been released.
    The Merit(first) list consist of candidates admitted to other programmes excluding Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology and Nursing, while the second list consist of candidates admitted on merit to the 3 medical courses excluded earlier plus other various programmes of the university. Attached below is the Document containing the admitted candidates;





    Successful candidates are therefore advised to look out for further information that will be relayed to them in their individual university admission portals as well as JAMB CAPS. Congratulation to the Admitted Candidates!

    How to Apply for LAUTECH Post UTME Form

    The application form will be available online for completion and submission from Friday, August 21 2020.

    • Applicants are to proceed to the admissions website of the University www.admissions.lautech.edu.ng to make payment of a fee of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000 .00) only for online registration for the screening exercise using Inter-Switch Enabled Debit Cards (ATM).
    • Applicants are expected to carefully complete and submit the online application form as incomplete application form will not be treated. In completing the online application form, a candidate is expected to upload a digital copy of his/her scanned passport photograph which must be in JPEG (i.e. jpg) and must not be more than 20kb. The photograph must be in white background showing ears, with no cap and glasses.
    • On submission of the application form, a candidate is to print out an acknowledgement page which assigns him/her the venue and date of the screening exercise.

    Other Relevant Information:

    • Applicants are to note that before the University can offer admission, they must have uploaded their O’Level results on CAPSand once admission is offered, the candidates must either accept or reject the admission on CAPS before JAMB’s closure of CAPS for the year to be on JAMB Matriculation list for the year.
    • Applicants who are awaiting results of NABTEB, NECO, WASC are also eligible to apply. However, the results, when released, must be uploaded on the PUTME portal of the University as well as on JAMB CAPS two (2) weeks after the release of such results. Results uploaded after the prescribed timeline may not be accepted. Also, inconsistency in names on O’Level and UTME results shall not be acceptable to the University and may lead to disqualification. Candidates’ names on their O’Level results and other registration documents must be the same.
    • Applicants are to note that late completion/submission of application forms will not be entertained.
    • Any applicant with a blurred picture on the acknowledgement page will not be admitted into the screening centre as the photograph will be used as a means of identification.
    • Applicants are also to provide valid and active email addresses and phone numbers through which the University can send information.
    • Any applicant who fails to present himself/herself for the Computer Based Test (CBT) as scheduled, automatically forfeits being considered for admission.
    • Applicants are advised to come for the exercise with their acknowledgement page colour print-out. The use of cell phones (GSM, CDMA, PDA) and other electronic devices is NOT ALLOWED during the test.
    • Applicants are advised to BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS as the University will not be liable for any transaction with any unauthorized person.

    Law enforcement agencies will prosecute any candidate who provides false information to secure admission to any programme of the University and upon discovery of such at any point in time, and the admission of such candidate shall be withdrawn. Candidates are also advised to BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS as the University will not be liable for any transaction with any unauthorized person.

    All enquiries should be sent to registrar@lautech.edu.ng or admissions@lautech.edu.ng.

     JAMB has just announced that registration will commence immediately, as the technical glitch associated with the integration of NIN into the registration process has now been resolved. Remember that registration was put on hold after NIN challenges were spotted on 8th April, 2021.

    Candidates can continue to prepare for their exams slated to begin as from 5th June, 2021. Do not forget to get the  JAMB CBT Mobile App for android phones or the  JAMB CBT Software for Computer systems. Both contain over 60,000 JAMB past questions and answers to help get you ready for the exam.

    JAMB resolves NIN issues, 2021 registration resumes immediately + Process flow now available

    Although JAMB has admitted that a few candidates have successfully registered for the 2021 UTME after the resolution of the glitch, candidates are advised to wait until the official registration advertisement and documents are released by JAMB. With fingers crossed, we expect the official publication to be made on Monday, 12th April, 2021. In the meantime, keep preparing for your exams.

    2021 JAMB Registration Process Flow:


    It is important to get a valid and functional e-mail account. You also need an active phone number.  This is because you will need this for registration and to send and receive information from JAMB. Your e-mail is also a form of identity for you.


    JAMB will be making use of the National Identification Number for registration this year.  Being a compulsory requirement, you will need it for your enrollment.


    After having your email address and NIN ready, you can proceed to the JAMB website. When you get there, create a JAMB profile, preferably before purchasing the form.

    4. CHECK JAMB iBass

    After creating a profile, it is recommended that you check JAMB iBass to be sure of your eligibility to take this year’s examination. The information is provided on the official website of the exam body.

    5. JAMB e-pin
    After your eligibility has been confirmed, then you can proceed to purchase your 2021 JAMB e-pin registration from banks and other accredited outlets.

    Then, proceed to any accredited computer-based test centre with your personal details and your profile code.

    To get instant notification when any information is released by JAMB, Download our JAMB CBT App

    The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology has released the 2020/2021 Admission list sequel to the earlier release of the cut off points for each course.

    Hence, the released admission list as at the time of composure of this post is the Merit and Cachment list , which are below respectively;





     The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has put a hold on the registration for the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry

    The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has put a hold on the registration for the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE), initially slated to commence on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

    The JAMB’s head of media and protocol, Dr Fabian Benjamin said in a statement that the shift was to ensure finishing touches on PIN vending processes before the take-off of the exercise.

    He said: “The Board’s registration exercise was to begin today 8th April 2021. To be sure all processes are completed before the commencement, the Board didn’t place its advertorial as we are yet to complete the process of a smooth PIN vending and candidate access to the registration app for the 2021 UTME/DE,” the statement read.

    He maintained that the advertisement is the surest indication of the beginning of the exercise as it has all the step-by-step process that candidates are required to follow.”

    “The delay is caused by some unforeseen circumstances occasioned by our determined effort to have a NIN integration. This challenge is being resolved and once that is done, all processes shall commence,” he said.

    While asking candidates to exercise some patience, he said, “The process shall be up and running shortly for our advertisement to be rollout so that candidates can begin the creation of profile.”

             The Management of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology wishes to  inform all staff and students of the University that the Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. O.Ologunde, on behalf of Senate has executively approved the amended academic calendar.

                for the 2019/2020 academic session as presented by the Committee of Provost and Deans.

    The following is the excerpt from the calendar:

    DECEMBER 2020

    Wednesday, December 9         Resumption of 100 Level Students

    Monday, December 14             Harmattan Semester Examination Starts for 100 Level Students

    Wednesday, December 23         Harmattan Semester Examination for 100 Level Students Ends

    JANUARY 2021

    Monday, January 4                     Rain Semester Begins for All Students

    Please ensure that you keep safe and observe all the necessary Covid-19 protocols as laid down by

    the Government and the University.

    On behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. O. Ologunde, I wish all staff and students a hitch and

    Covid-19 free academic session.

    Congratulations to all students on resumption.


    K. A. Ogunleye, Ph.D



    Wednesday, December 9, 2020

    cc: Vice Chancellor

    Deputy Vice Chancellor


    University Librarian

    Chairman, Committee of Provost and Deans

    Provost, College of Health Sciences

    All Deans

    Ag. Director, LICTC

    All Notice Boards

     The Academic Staff Union Of Universities ASUU, has accepted a newly pledged amount N70 billion to be released by the FG. The union, however, insisted that the funding should be implemented before the strike would be suspended.

    The FG further agreed to settle the arrears of salaries of the lecturers before December 31. ASUU is expected to report the agreement to its organs and then communicate their decision to the government after which a date for the calling off of the strike would be announced.

    The major take in this episode between ASUU and FG is that common ground has been reached, and both parties have agreed on the settlement. All that is left is implementation; then the strike will be officially called off by ASUU

     The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has ordered the resumption of tertiary institutions owned by the state government.

    Mr Makinde gave this order on Tuesday, according to a statement by the Commissioner for Education, Olasukanmi Olaleye.

    The statement said the governor had approved September 28 as the resumption date for tertiary institutions in the state.

    This is despite warnings by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) and Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COASU) that the institutions are not yet safe from COVID-19.

    Mr Makinde also approved the new academic calendar for primary and secondary schools in the state.T

    The resumption date for 2020/2021 academic Session for Public

    Private Primary and Secondary Schools as announced by the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will commence on Monday, 21st September, 2020.”

    The revised Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Schools now include the followings:

    “Schools will now operates morning and afternoon shifting for pupils and students of primary and secondary schools as stated follows: Primary 1-3 8.00 am – 11.00 am, Primary 4 – 6 12 noon – 3.00 pm, JSSS 1 -3 8.00 am – 11.00 am, SSS 1- 3 12 noon – 3.00 am”

    “It becomes mandatory for all Schools, Public and Private to constitute Covid-19 Task force to be headed by Heads of Schools with Two members of Staff”

     The Management of the LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Ogbomoso has released a guideline on the prevention of COVID19 Spread on the campus, meaning that  the management wants the school to resume provided the Covid19 guidelines are followed and students are able to manage it among themselves.

    The guidelines are as follows:-

    Do you think this is a wise idea and step taken ??

    Drop your thoughts in the comment section

    A statement by the acting Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Sakah Mahmud, which was made available to journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday said that tuition fees of both indigenes and non-indigenes remain unchanged while all sundry charges from the last academic session also remain the same.

    According to the  Vice-Chancellor, the institution in the last 10 years of its existence had maintained the lead as a fast-growing institution premised on academic excellence, research, administrative uprightness, and promotion of core values of skills and integrity.

    ”We are determined as management and a workforce to attain a world-class status while placing a premium on the welfare of Kwarans and Nigerians as a whole. This can be attested to by our numerous community development efforts, interventions and projects across the State and Nigeria.

    “We also focus on education that is responsive to the needs of Kwarans and indeed Nigerians. That is why we place emphasis on entrepreneurship and all other programmes which place value on solving societal needs, including the newly introduced course in community development”, he said.

    He also noted with pride that KWASU had always adhered to the rule of law, acts and laws governing its establishment and operations, and most especially is the commitment to transparency and accountability in all its affairs.

    Professor Mahmud also reiterated the institution’s commitment to providing first-class education in consonance with world-class standards, reiterating the fact that School fees have not been increased in any way.

    The Federal Government says state governments and school administrators should start making preparations for the full reopening of schools in the country.

    The PUNCH had earlier reported that schools in the country were shut in March as part of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

    However, the FG announced the resumption of graduating pupils effective August 4, 2020, to write this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination from August 17, 2020, through September 12, 2020.

    Some state governments such as Lagos and Kogi had subsequently announced the full reopening of schools effective mid-September.

    Speaking on Thursday, the National Coordinator of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu, during a briefing at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, said the task force recommends phased return of students to classrooms.

    Aliyu said, “For educational institutions which include daycare, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Educational institutions should begin the process of working towards potentially reopening within this phase.

    “However, we strongly recommend that states conduct risk assessment to ensure all schools are at a level of compliance and create a monitoring mechanism to assess, create, and monitor this level of preparedness.

    “Meanwhile, all daycares and educational institutions are to remain closed to in-classes until this level of risk is assessed. And if there will be opening of schools, it must be staged and preferably carried out in phases to ensure that this does not pose a risk to the general public and in particular to vulnerable groups that might end up getting infected by students going back home.”


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